Educational Video Creation Programme

Self Education is an activity of taking your learning in your control. Self Learning through Audio-visual material makes learning long lasting since students use more than one sense such as listening and seeing. Psychological studies show that when multiple senses are used, an individuals' grasping power can be increased up to 50 %.

In growing age of Internet services, and with data accessibility from any corner of the world, we have started creating Educational Videos and have tried to take a lucrative advantage of Self Learning with help of technology. The main objective of this initiative is to encourage self learning in students and to ensure that maximum students can take advantage of quality study material with the help of technology.

Under this programme, we also offer our assistance of audio-visual aids to the teachers to enhance their ability to present the lesson in simple and effective manner, which is easilyunderstood by the students.

At present with help of a renowned associate named 'KHAN ACADEMY', we are in process of recreating approximately 13000 + videos of Maths subject in Gujarati language. We are also looking forward to produce educational videos of other subjects as well in future.