NJCF, sponsored by NJ India Invest Pvt. Ltd. is a foundation registered in Surat that works in the field of education.
NJCF is committed to the welfare of people from the underprivileged strata of society without any discrimination.
Driven by passion and inspired by many personalities and situations, we are involved in assisting the children who are citizens of
tomorrow to help them take a smooth journey throughout their education life.

Vision & Mission

  • To enhance quality of education in all possible manner and to hand hold students from underprivileged strata till they become self-sufficient.
  • To contribute in building the nation by developing students as future citizens and to fulfill one of the educational objective of 'man-making'.
  • To provide technology friendly environment for development of good study habits.
  • To ameliorate educational methodology/techniques and to support those who are already involved in doing the same.

Trustees' Message

Education is a holistic process of learning and knowing beyond text books and classrooms. Education builds the character of an individual and provides one the ability to differentiate between right or wrong. Education has the power to bring a positive socio economic change and plays a pivotal role in nation building and making happy citizens.

While the constitution of India provides Right to Education for every citizen, quality formal education in our country is lacking significantly and resulting into unemployment, destitution, child labour and social unrest.

We have the responsibility to prepare the students for the future to get them out of this clutch of Society and this requires constant introspection, foresight and effective implementation.

And our strong foresight having compassionate hearts will help us to reach to aspiring needies. We have already made a small beginning in the above direction with the help of enthusiastic and passionate volunteers. We will surely accelerate in our vision of providing holistic education to the underprivileged few and make a difference in their lives.

Management Trustee

Mr. Neeraj Choksi & Mr. Jignesh Desai (R) are two first generation entrepreneurs who began the journey of 'NJ' in 1994. The promoters of the NJ Group were friends since their college years and the bond between Mr. Neeraj & Mr. Jignesh has been instrumental in the success of NJ. Discussing upon important things before taking any decision, is a habit that they have followed ever since they shared their hostel room in Vidhyanagar, where Mr. Neeraj was studying his management courses and Mr. Jignesh was into engineering. They both have a complementary style of functioning that augurs perfectly well for the business.

Driven by their passion for financial well-being of customers & the mission for transforming lives, the promoters have successfully put NJ on the forefront of innovation & growth. With a humble beginning from home, the promoters have successfully shaped the group's forays into many diversified businesses. Both believe that 'Trust' has played a very important role in NJ's journey, and in every step that they have taken. The words of the promoters aptly describes this journey of

NJ -'Built on Trust'.


Ms. Nima Deokar

Nima is an open-minded, friendly and resourceful leader with a sound and optimistic outlook on numerous things in life. She is M.A. M. Ed. NET qualified in Education. She was an Asst.Professor in Teachers Training College in Surat and also holds an experience of more than 19 years in the Field of Education.

Team Members

Mr. Bharat Ahuja


Mr. Nilesh Gohel


Mrs. Khyati Bhatt


Mr. Ranjeet Dutta


Mr. Prashant Sheshpure


Mr. Vikas Bhagwagar


Mr. Mukesh Patel


Ms. Yesha Barfiwala


Mrs. Richa Gurnani

B.com,M.A(yoga & sci. of living)

Mr. Aniket Patel

B.C.A(Multimedia) Running

Mr. Sohil Shaikh


Ms. Twinkale Rana

B.com Running

Key Members

Mr. Atul

Mr. Janak

Mr. Vatsal

Mr. Vikram

Mr. Tarang

Mr. Naynesh

Mr. Kashyap

Mr. Hemanshu

Mr. Mayur

Mr. Lakil

Mr. Brahmesh

Mr. Pratik

Mr. Pradip