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  • NJ center is having smart class and we are taught with modern techniques. Here we are taught Maths, Science, English and Social Science. We are having a computer lab where we can do revision and take self-test. Every week, have test also. There is a lso a library with various kind of books. Two days a week, we have langauge lab classes. In last summer vacation, spoken English and speed maths classes were conducted so today we find maths and english easier than before. Our teachers behave as a parent and a friend with us so we enjoy studying here. I like to study here.

    Dwiti Prajapati, Student
  • When I appeared in NJ test, I didn't think that it may make difference in my study but here I improved in my study. Ample of practice in Maths has improved my Maths. Not only in maths but English, Science and Social Science and other subjects also have been improved. We study here with technology so we can study by ourselves also in the computer lab. We are provided with milk and snack which makes us refreshed. We can sit here for extra time and study which is good. All the teachers are good and help us a lot. I am lucky enough to study here. For the students like me this programme is very helpful.

    Aniket Patel, Student
  • I study in NJCT from Std VII and till date it has not happened that I couldn't understand anything. I think NJCT is on the great path to uplift students like us. We are not merely taught here but also having different activities which never let us feel bored. Here the teachers behave as a friend. We are having library, computer lab and also language lab. Now I can speak english a bit. Krishna sir has taught me to present my views. My general knowledge has been increased. So we not only get textual knowledge but also of all the general knowledge. Actually what NJ Charitable Trust is doing is very few can do in present era. I have never got such experience anywhere else. To get enrolled in NJ is a blessing for me.

    Maivis Shaikh, Student